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How the fortune 200 companies are covering the world

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As a continuation of our Global Fortune 500 regular review, this year, we are publishing its 4th edition that focuses on the top 200 companies.

Using the 2019 Global Fortune 500 ranking, this review sheds light on where the top 200 major industry players are choosing to set up a decision-making center globally, investigating the key drivers influencing the selection of their Regional Headquarters location. 


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What is Brainshoring?

Brainshoring is the offshoring of tasks that require extensive critical thinking/problem-solving skills and close collaboration with a client.

After Call centers, BPO and KPO, Brainshoring is the fourth generation of service outsourcing.

Infomineo’s unique Brainshoring proposition:

  • Infomineo offers a range of Brainshoring services including Business Research, Expert Network, Graphic Design, and Business Translation

  • Infomineo operates from major cities in the emerging world (Cairo, Casablanca, and Mexico*) to:

  • Tap underleveraged talent pools and deliver high-quality work at decent prices

  • Offer nearshore/same time-zone options to our clients for improved coordination

  • We make it easy to work with us by dealing with our clients on a retainer basis i.e. with dedicated teams

    (*): starting 2021