Organizing for Growth

An analysis of the Fortune 200 regional headquarters

About the report

The 2022 edition of the “Organizing for Growth report covers the following key points:

- F200 companies overview: Analyzing the composition of Fortune 200 companies by geography and sector, highlighting the regional concentration of these companies as well as the sectors driving the 2022 F200 list.

- Regional headquarters analysis: Examining the regional headquarters of Fortune 200 companies and exploring their distribution across three key global regions: APAC, the Americas, and EMEA. Identifying cities that serve as regional hubs and gaining a better understanding of how Fortune 200 companies are building their regional presence around the world.

- Drivers and recent changes: Providing a qualitative analysis of the factors that can significantly influence F200 companies' RHQ location decisions, such as political stability and the importance of creating a favorable environment for RHQs through tax regimes and easy access to talent.

- RHQ relocation case studies: Presenting two case studies of companies that are considering RHQ relocation and offer insights into the factors that might influence this decision.

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